Excellent Cosmetic Results

• Non-invasive, topical skin closure device eliminates unnecessary “track marks” caused by sutures and staples(1,4).

• Reduces scar-producing tension by evenly distributing forces along the entire length of the wound edges(1,4).

• Interlaced technology aligns and securely maintains skin edges in the same planar level, promoting optimal healing.

Fast and Durable Skin Closure

• Closes skin 2x faster with Clozex, compared to subcuticular suture(3).

• Provides cross-incisional strength with similar holding durability as sutures(10).

• Reduce OR costs and free up valuable personal and administrative time for surgeons and staff(5).

Patient-Friendly Technology

• Non-threatening during placement and removal - Great for children and elderly patients.

• Non-intrusive and easily removed by you or the patient, potentially eliminating the need for a follow-up visit. 

• Enjoy greater flexibility with post-op scheduling, as Clozex does not need to be removed by a certain time, unlike sutures which accentuate scarring if left in place for too long.

Greater Control and Flexibility

• Simultaneously align skin edges in all 3 dimensions (across, along, and perpendicular to the skin surface) with one simple pulling motion. 

• Versatile closure can be overlapped to close angled or curved wounds, and a variety of anatomical structures.

• Close each segment of a long incision with precision, preventing waviness and buckling along the incision line.

Easy to Learn and Apply

• Allows all providers the ability to easily close wounds with high precision and great clinical outcomes. 

• Highly transferable and easily learned wound closure method is perfect for an intraoperative team who may rotate within the OR.

Safer, Non-Invasive Design

• Reduce risk of surgical site infections caused when sutures pierce the skin and allow bacteria to colonize and wick into the wound(11,12)

• Create a safer environment for surgeons and OR staff, by adopting a needleless solution.

Surgeon’s Photos

The efficacy of Clozex in surgery has been proven across medical specialties. We invite you to review the photos for your surgical specialty.