Excellent Cosmetic Results

• Non-invasive, topical skin closure device eliminates unnecessary “track marks” caused by sutures and staples(1,4).

• Reduces scar-producing tension by evenly distributing forces along the entire length of the wound edges(1,4).

• Interlaced technology aligns and securely maintains skin edges in the same planar level, promoting optimal healing. 

Treat More Patients - Faster

• Closes lacerations 2x faster, compared to suturing(3).

• Decreases patient wait times in the Emergency Room or Urgent Care. 

• Eliminates the cost of a suture tray, removal kit and in many cases the need for a local anesthetic

Patient-Friendly Technology

• Non-threatening needle-less design helps reduce patient’s anxiety associated with the closure of lacerations in the emergency setting.

• Great for children and elderly patients.

• Non-intrusive to wear, and easily removed by the patient, eliminating the need for a follow-up visit.

Greater Control and Flexibility

• Simultaneously align skin edges in all 3 dimensions (across, along, and perpendicular to the skin surface) with one simple pulling motion. 

• Versatile closure can be overlapped to close angled or curved wounds. No manual approximation of the wound edges required. 

Easy to Learn and Apply

• With it’s 1-2-3 and red, white, blue approach, Clozex’s intuitive design is fast and easy to apply. 

• Allows a broad range of healthcare providers the ability to easily close wounds with high precision and great clinical outcomes. 

• Highly transferable and easily learned wound closure method for field-based employees covering multiple sites

Safer, Non-Invasive Design

• Eliminate potential needlestick accidents in your busy clinic and in emergency response situations(6,7).

• Reduces risk of infection caused by piercing the skin with sutures, which create a pathway for bacteria to colonize and enter the wound(11,12).

General Healthcare Photos

Clozex has the versatility to treat a broad spectrum of cuts and lacerations. We invite you to review the photos for your clinical application.