Available in a Full Range of Sizes

For skin level closure of incisions across Surgical Specialities, and treatment of lacerations in the Emergency Response and Urgent Care setting. Clozex closures range in size from 15mm-100mm and are available in boxes of 10 individually packaged, sterile devices.

General Guidance

• While larger sizes may close linear incisions or lacerations faster, using multiple mid-range sizes spaced approximately 1mm apart will provide flexibility (if desired) along the wound edge. 

• Mid-range sizes may be easier to address curvatures, geometries, and raised anatomical structures. Clozex closures may be overlapped to follow the shape of the wound edge. 

• Small strap (small pad) devices may provide more precision with fine closure. 

• Large strap (large pad) devices provide more pad surface area on the skin.

Individual Size Boxes

Each box contains devices of the size and quantity listed below. Supplied sterile, individually packaged, single-use, latex-free.

For professional healthcare pricing and orders, please contact:

781-237-1673 or orders@clozex.com